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Fusalp, a history of style and performance

Founded in 1952 in Annecy by two tailors, Georges Ribola and René Veyrat, Fusalp has always stood at the crossroads of fashion and skiing. The founders, while experimenting with fabrics and materials, decided to channel their expertise into skiwear. This led to the creation of the iconic “Fuseau” skin‐tight stirrup ski pants, known for their comfort, stretch and elegance.
This expertise has been passed down through generations, with women playing a significant role in enriching the brand’s stylistic signature. Artistic Director Mathilde Lacoste continues to innovate by infusing the brand’s historic elements into contemporary collections. Whether in summer or winter, in the mountains or cities, Fusalp collections seamlessly blend technicality, functionality, and elegance – the three pillars of Fusalp’s DNA.
Fusalp boasts a rich heritage of expertise, from pioneering bi‐stretch materials to iconic streamlined designs and the use of patented techniques like softshell. In their Parisian workshop, Mathilde Lacoste and Isabelle Béchet Lecoq, Head of the Workshop, craft ready‐to‐wear pieces using the finest technical materials, offering both freedom of movement and meticulous attention to structure and style.





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